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Sponsor license compliance duties​

Sponsor license compliance duties refer to the responsibilities and obligations that a UK employer must fulfil once they have been granted a sponsor license to sponsor foreign workers under the UK immigration system. These duties are put in place to ensure that employers adhere to the immigration rules and maintain compliance with the terms of their sponsor license. Here are the key sponsor license compliance duties:


1.     Record-keeping: Employers are required to maintain accurate and up-to-date records for all sponsored workers. This includes keeping copies of relevant documents such as their right to work checks, contact details, and visa details. These records must be kept for the duration of the sponsorship and for at least one year after the sponsorship ends.


2.     Reporting duties: Employers have a duty to report certain changes and events to the Home Office. This includes reporting any significant changes to the sponsored worker's employment, such as changes in job title, salary, working hours, or location. Additionally, employers must report any circumstances that could affect the sponsored worker's immigration status, such as absences, visa extensions, or termination of employment.


3.     Compliance with employment law and best practices: In addition to immigration requirements, employers must also comply with all relevant employment laws and regulations, including those relating to minimum wage, working hours, health and safety, and non-discrimination. It is essential to maintain proper employment practices and treat sponsored workers fairly and in accordance with UK law.

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