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Appoint an authorising officer

When applying for a sponsor license, you are required to appoint an Authorising Officer within your organisation. The Authorising Officer plays a crucial role in managing the sponsorship responsibilities and acting as the primary point of contact with the UK Home Office.

To be eligible to serve as an Authorising Officer, an individual must meet the following requirements:


  1. They must be an employee or an office holder within the organisation, such as a director, partner, or senior manager.

  2. They should have sufficient authority to represent the organisation and make decisions on its behalf.

  3. The individual should be trustworthy and capable of fulfilling their duties in accordance with the Home Office's requirements.


The Authorising Officer has several key duties and responsibilities, including:


  1. Sponsor License Management: They are responsible for managing the organisation's sponsor license, ensuring compliance with the Home Office's rules and regulations.

  2. Record-Keeping: The Authorising Officer must maintain accurate records of the organisation's sponsored workers, including their personal and immigration details, as well as their compliance with visa conditions. 

  3. Reporting Obligations: They are required to report any changes or updates related to the sponsored workers, such as changes in employment status, job roles, or salary, through the Sponsor Management System (SMS).

  4. Record of Migrant Activity: They need to keep a record of the sponsored workers' attendance, absences, and any relevant information regarding their employment. 

  5. Communication with the Home Office: The Authorising Officer serves as the main point of contact with the Home Office, responding to inquiries, providing necessary documentation, and ensuring timely and accurate communication.


It is crucial for the Authorising Officer to stay updated with the latest immigration policies and guidelines to fulfil their duties effectively. They may also delegate certain responsibilities to other individuals within the organization, such as Level 1 Users, who assist in managing the sponsor license.


We will assist you and the Authorising Officer to ensure that the legal requirements and duties are complied with.

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